Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It's Diwali within the naval base.

It's a holiday because of Diwali and it's all very quiet out here. Punia, the medical assistant in attendance, sponged me up in the morning and the day had begun as usual. The breakfast was so so and I'd only the essentials but it was very, very light. Murali Nair dropped by to hand over Radhika's lunch for me of yoghurt.

After the Navy Foundation Kochi Charter's meeting, its secretary, George Skaria dropped by and sat with me till lunch time. It was a nice interaction after a long time.

Sister Sri Vidya was in attendance and the entire day seemed to be very, very quiet. The Diwali Mela must be spiritedly happening on the hockey field just across the road. Mouth watering dishes, games of fun and other activities take place till late in the evening when it winds up. 

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