Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Three things.

(a) Parvathy has to express her opinion on everything. 

      She gets this urge because of having achieved phenomenal success in her acting career on debut
      and has proved to be a powerhouse of an actress. Her latest about the entry of women to the
      shrine of Sabarimala.

      She must realise that she doesn't have to express her opinions time and again. One must have it
      and a response at the appropriate time, if needed. Period! She'd gone out of her way for that
      unnecessary comment that she'd made on Mammootty and finally, went out of the way to
      mollify ruffled feathers.

 (b) The great body called AMMA.

      AMMA, has had two meetings and despite the deliberations, nothing concrete was given off as
      decisions. There seems to be an anxiousness to get that fraudster, Dileep back into the fold
      dropped off all charges and knowing the way the system works, there must be heavy backroom
      efforts to get the victim drop charges to give him a clean chit!

      Otherwise, if he's squeaky clean why doesn't he do the following:-

            (i) Get through the court proceedings fast and prove his innocence rather than obstructing it.
           (ii) Avoid background maneuverings with spineless members to influence people.
      And please don't ask us to believe that the whole plan was Pulsar Suni's!


Which brings me to this guy himself. I've been on a hospital bed for the last fortnight and have
generally kept the television monitor switched on the Surya Music channel. It's sickening that
Dileep's songs ( At least two of them per hour) are transmitted without fail.

     (a) His sight brings about a sense of horror and disgust because of the doubt that he has done
           massive crime.
     (b) If, by doing so, he thinks that he shall remain in the hearts of the Malayalee, he's totally

First, go clear yourself and come back with a clean character certificate!

My other observations are:-

     (a) Mohanlal is shown an over preference. Though he's my favourite actor, I, too, feel that there
          is an over indulgence.
     (b) The DJs swoon over his mention, probably, it's their belief that by doing so, they would get
           a chance in his forthcoming movies.
     (c) Mammootty, Kunchacko Boban, Suresh Gopi and many others are no where in their scheme
          of things! The channel plays favourites, wonder why?

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