Monday, May 29, 2017

A day of collection and retrieval.

Had gotten up earlier than usual and gone through the morning chores. Power interruptions were galore and it dampened my enthusiasm, albeit, for a short while! The first task was to collect the new ration card. It wasn't the crowd but the mismanagement that appalled me. A motley crowd, the officials fetching up late and finally, one's arrival and joining up in the queue had no relevance to the issue of the new cards because they used another set of serial numbers, presumably, as per their printed roll!

I was third in the line to get the card, after two ladies and on receipt of the 'sacred' document, I observed to my utter disgust that my name in it was "Rajeevson"! Some idiot among the enumerators had not applied his/her mind and combined two columns - 'Rajeev Nair' and 'son'(The card is in my mom's name!) - to give a composite name of 'Rajeevson'! Why can't the concerned office ensure that the enumerators are trained properly prior to sending them on the task to make sure that they applied their minds and were sincere in their efforts? They've been paid for their work, you see. Or am I asking for too much?

On my return, I made a detour to the Kosappilli temple - it was closed though - and did see the 'Sarpakkavu' dedicated by the family, earlier, during its renovation. I, then dropped at Vijayan's house to look up the new arrival who was awake and active. It's a rainy day and I was sure that my afternoon trip to the Chevrolet Motors at Kollam was gonna be a wet one.

The shutting down of the 'Raj Nivas' was begun by Lekha. I left the house by a quarter to 3 and got the two buses without much of a wait and reached the service station by a half past 4. After going through the formalities, meeting up with Justin, the manager and posting of mail on the net, I'd driven off from the premises, into the rain, by a half past 5 and realised as to how close it was to the bus station - we'd gone around in circles thanks to a puzzled Thomaskutty on the first day! Incidentally, I've reached a funny situation where I've his address - written ineligibly under those circumstances - but do not have his cellphone number!

The drive through the Kollam-Chengottah highway was crazy as the traffic was heavy and mismanaged thanks to the intermittent rain and I'd a task of buying two sets of padlocks at Kottarakkara. On arrival at home, I'd called up Prasanna, the Headmistress of the school, to whom I'd promised to begin an endowment in my mom's name, to gift books worth Rs.5 grand during muthachhan's remembrance day on 19 Jun.

She, Soman and Chippy, their daughter had fetched up soon after to collect the money on their return from her mom's house. I did feel nice after handing over the amount.


The winding up of the house was systematically carried out though we found time to view our favourite programmes, on the television, during the evening.

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