Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The preparations to a wedding.....

Preparatory work in connection with Ammu’s wedding is going on in full swing. The attendant confusions, frayed tempers and forgetfulness have been an ongoing saga. Just letting you on to a few........

Fifty year old Ammini has been helping us over the past few days in clearing up things in the newly painted house. She’s a tireless worker, does any work assigned to her and needs no supervision. This morning, I chose to remain at home while the others went shopping. After finishing her work indoors, she took up the job of clearing the surrounding areas without instructions! I suppose this is what one’s dedication to one’s job is all about.

She had a sad story to recount. Her 15 year old son had attempted suicide, about a couple of months back because he was upset with his dad’s taunts. The road to recovery has been long but the youngster has started moving around. The only problem is that he has bouts of anger of enormous proportions – to quote her – and that bothers her! She would be the mainstay of the house for the next few days till the marriage function.

*          *             *
Today, Ammu’s wedding trousseau was shown to me and the bride’s father. Lekha and my sisters have done a commendable job and now I can understand the hectic behind-the- scenes activity undertaken by Lekha after the engagement ceremony. The technicalities, the choice of fashions, mating them with the bride’s requirements and the nitty gritties have been gone through with plenty of ground work and I applaud the ladies’ endeavours! They’ve done a neat job.

*        *               *

Meanwhile, the rest of the family had gone for collecting the clothes that were given for stitching, buying certain pieces of furniture in replacement of the old ones and tying up a few things that had cropped up over discussions last night.            

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