Friday, May 19, 2017

The run up.

It was a crazy day when there was one shortfall after another. Water was at a premium and the motor was being operated sparingly – and must admit, expertly by Mini. The electric power supply had quite a few interruptions and the sweltering heat made life difficult. The house was taking too much time to get back to its right looks with everything in the right place.

There were guests who trickled all through the day and Anil, along with his chittappan, had come down from Ayoor. In fact, I’d taken Sanil’s car and had driven to the place near mom’s old post office area so that my dongle could get the network cover. It’s at such times, that the system has a tendency to buck and that’s exactly what happened this morning.

Extra lunch was procured and the entire lot of guests was catered for in no time. Anil and company had come to see as to what was the progress in the preparation of the wedding.

Today also saw the tying up of all the loose ends and the house was ready in all respects and it looked bright and as we used to say in service parlance, “It was ready for Cabin Cupboard!” From tomorrow onward, the guests would be arriving.

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