Thursday, May 4, 2017

At Raj Nivas!

Our day had started at a half past 4. The chores, the prayers and an early breakfast saw us ready for take off for Raj Nivas by 7. Again, it was Rema who'd realised that I required her guidance to ease my Chevy from the difficult parking slot and proceeded to do the needful. We're off on our south bound journey by about a quarter past 7.

We'd a short halt at Eldo's joint and were looked after well by the team there, as they knew that their proprietor had cooked a dish, himself, for us during our previous visit and labelled us as his special guests! Antony, at the parking slot was a great help and he said that he looked forward to our next visit and a look at his face told me that he wasn't fibbing!!

The second halt was at the Kalpakavadi Inn for lunch. Though the new boy, Prasad, looked after us well, I missed the ever smiling face of Bhadran this afternoon. To my queries about his whereabouts, I was told that he was deployed elsewhere!

The traffic throughout was passable and the drive was a pleasure. We reached Raj Nivas by 3 and Sanil and Mini were waiting for us as discussed earlier. Vijayan, the painter, was also in accompaniment who'd worked out a quick assessment of the estimates of the painting inside the house. All the five of us had, then, gone to Kottarakkara to buy the paint and connected accessories. Vijayan and his boys are gonna begin the work tomorrow while we kick off for Neelamperoor, Kottayam and Kidangoor to invite the remainder of our near relations for Ammu's wedding. Lekha will not accompany us as there would be a lot of movement and I want her to take rest!

The dining chairs also needed a change and we'd a look see of the few varieties that were on offer and have zeroed in on a particular choice but will get them home only after the painting is completed.

The evening was boisterous and I'd given a debrief to Ammu's parents about the things that I've done, thus far, in the run up to her wedding. They seemed to be satisfied as they did not raise any objections!


Tomorrow's gonna be a long day, but this is the only way to do it as I see it!  

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