Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The games people play!

Am amazed at the way things are being played out just to ensure that the official stance is justified. It's common knowledge that those in power use the administrative tools to make sure that their writ is enforced but in the process, the individuals get trampled upon mercilessly, their individual rights be damned! Let's take a few cases where the pantomime is on, currently.

  1. Reinstatement of TP Senkumar, the Former DGP.

      Consequent to the Supreme Court order to reinstate the former DGP - he was ousted from the
      post, immediately on the assumption of power by the Pinarayi Vijayan government stating
      inefficiency whereas, actually the police had got quite close to certain CPM leaders in the
      murder of TP Chandrasekharan which unnerved a few in the party - a cat and mouse game is
      going on. That the Supreme Court's directive is a slap on the face of the government, there's no
      doubt but does it have the right to delay his reinstatement, out of spite?

      The fact is that he will be superannuating in Jun! Delaying tactics will just stall his right
      to sit on the DGP's chair, the resulting disturbance in the existing chain of command,
      notwithstanding!! Imagine the commotion that would have been raised if a politician was
      treated in a similar fashion!!!

 2. Politicising Coffee.

     There was widespread condemnation of the workers' strike in the chain of Indian Coffee House
     outlets by almost all the newspapers. The workers' body that governed the chain was dissolved
     and the administrator has been given the charge of governance, which was supported by the CPM
     masthead. The administrator has, now, issued an order that only the party's newspaper shall be
     subscribed by all the outlets of the Coffee House!

     Such blatant implementation of the party diktats and that, too, in a democracy? Reminded about
     the party riding roughshod and taking over the Kerala Library Council, years back and the clumsy
     attempts at trying to change the movement's history......which, incidentally, is an ongoing exercise!


It was a quiet day. Had taken our Chevy to the service station to check on the hand brake and the fluid levels. The brake had gotten slack, bringing down its effectiveness but I suppose I'll have to grin and bear it as the spare wasn't available on the shelf. An order has, since, been placed.

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