Friday, May 5, 2017

A day of invites!

The day had begun at a half past 5 and after the morning chores, we're out of the house by 7. We'd dropped Lekha at her sister's place and shaped our course towards Kidangoor, our first place of call. We reached there by a half past 10 and from there, it was a short visit to Usha ammayi's bother. Prasad and his wife reminded us that they're quite keen to get their son married to Ammu but for the unkind intervention of fate in the form of mismatched horoscopes!

Our next trip was to Vani's - Suma kunjamma's daughter in law - parents. They're quite happy to see us and greater was the thrill on Vani's grandmother's face who was eager to interact with us. She was quite crestfallen that we're not spending much time out there. The old lady, in her early 90s is sprightly, speaks coherently and is a fund of knowledge!

It was off to Sarala kunjamma's, soon after, who along with her husband was now staying with her two daughters and the grandchildren at Puthuppalli. Since we're four of us - my little uncle had come along and thanks to his guidance, we didn't fumble in finding the house - we'd taken leave of them without having lunch!

30 kms further, we're at Muthachhan's Puthuvayil House! Every relation of ours from Muthachhan's elder brother's side was met, interacted with and invites given by Sanil and Mini for their daughter's wedding. One of the houses was Divakaran chittappan's, where chittamma was thrilled to see us. She, however, didn't forget to complain about Maman and I not having called on her during our last visit! Ours was a quick trip to assess the extent of repairs required to be carried out on Puthuvayil house.

Having invited everybody on our list of invitees. it was time to get on the return leg. We'd picked up Lekha from her sister's house - she'd seen 'Bahubali', during the matinee show!


Vijayan Pillai and his team had begun the internal painting of the house and had finished the first day's work. Everything lies topsy turvy and we'll have to rough it out over the next three days!   

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