Thursday, May 18, 2017

What a fine victory!

Ultimately, the International Court of Justice has stayed Pakistan’s death verdict on Cdr Kulbhushan Jadhav announced by a kangaroo court of its Army. That the whole incident smacked of a wily mindset on the part of that country was known to the entire world right from the beginning. A whole range of questions need to be answered by the Pakistan government as well as its army, right from the manner in which the Indian Commander was nabbed and put into prison.

But being the rogue state that Pakistan is known to be, would it accept the Hague’s judgement with grace?
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 Raj Nivas is slowly getting to look like a house where a function is going to be held. Vijayan and his team had arrived around 10 and without much ado, went about their task of setting up the pandals, one in the front and the other at the rear. The rain had, meanwhile, caught on and the idea of keeping the ground dry was partially successful as the left half of the pandal, in the front, was put in place while it was raining. Consequently:-

(a)    The house has become dark as the natural lighting has been obscured.
(b)   One doesn’t get the feel of the rain because of the temporary shelter.

Calls came from far and wide offering help and generally to update themselves about the preparations connected with Ammu's wedding.

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Today has been a comparatively quiet day but the visitors continued to pour in without any let up. We're meeting up with quite a few of them after a long while. It's good that Rema and Mini - my sisters - are here because they know most of them. I've always been an outsider as my schooling and subsequent professional requirements saw me only in short stints every year and hence the tag!


The rain has seen a small raise in the water level in the well at our backyard. Hope it improves over the next couple of days to accommodate our relations who want to arrive the previous day. 

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