Monday, May 8, 2017

Chippy's engagement.

Dateline 07 May.

The morning was quiet as we went through the Sunday morning chores and listened to the 'Rangoli' on the Doordarshan channel. Today's episode was nice as it covered the late Hindi film music director, C Ramachandra's creations as part of his birth centenary celebrations!

After a leisurely grooming, we're at Soman's place, next door, by about a half past 10. And we met a whole lot of our relations, from my dad's side and Mini was able to hand over Ammu's wedding cards to a few with whom she'd spoken to, on the telephone earlier. She could also invite a few others whom she'd have otherwise missed, for sure!

Chippy is my cousin, Soman's younger daughter and her fiance, Vishnu works in the panchayat headquarters near his house. The ceremony was taut and well rounded but the discordant note was that Soman's elder brother - they're two brothers - did not attend the function because he felt that his nieces were indifferent towards him. Sad, but the truth is that such faultlines in relationships exist in every household.

After the engagement ceremony was over, Lekha and I were dropped home and Sanil and Mini, along with our caretaker, went to invite the office bearers of our Nair Services Society's 'Karayogam', formally. It's a must, failing which, the body can pass punitive actions like, even, ostracising the family from partaking in subsequent functions! I and Lekha, then, drove our Chevy towards the area near the Kura post office to go through my mail, as the internet coverage of the dongle that I have, is non existent at my house! I used to resort to 'wi fi tethering' using Lekha's cellphone but 'google services' have stopped in it due to some problem, that we haven't been able to tackle. She'll take the help of either Achu or Ammu, when they come in next week!!And we talk about 'state-of-the-art technology' being available at our beck and call!!!

The painting of the house is proceeding well and only the kitchen - the first coat has been slapped on - and the store room, adjacent to it, are left to be done. The windows and the doors were being painted simultaneously after which, the varnishing of the wooden ceiling would be undertaken. The best thing that I like about the working of Vijayan Pillai and his team is that they clean up the area and remove paint droppings and overlaps, before the end of the day.

We'd a debrief of the day's activities amid the four of us over an exquisite dinner rustled up by Sanil. He'd done it last evening, too, and I'd complimented him for his culinary abilities. I admire men who can cook because I'm hopeless in that department. During the 'Camp Greenhorn' in my second term at the Academy, there was this exercise of cooking one's own supper at the end of a long route march. My squadron mates still remember how I'd eaten raw rice and sugar while they cooked fabulous meals for themselves! Of course, they gave me a liberal helping of their efforts. 


Lekha and I will leave for Guruvayur early morning tomorrow to return on the 13th. The purpose of our visit to Raj Nivas, this time, has been accomplished. And the water level in the well has dipped to a precarious low!    

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