Sunday, May 7, 2017

To Leela kunjamma's.

Dateline 06 Mar.

This morning was a bit more easy as there were no deadlines to be met. We'd got up leisurely, gone through our chores and were off for Paravoor, by a half past 10, to invite Kurup kochachhan for the wedding. Mini had bought clothes for him to wear at the function.

There was a mishap at Kottarakkara when after traversing about 500' from a petrol bunk on fueling, Sanil sprung the alarm that the fuel tank was registering nil addition of fuel, whereas he'd paid Rs.1,000/- for the fuel on his debit card. We, quickly, retraced our steps and reached the petrol bunk. The youngster who'd done the fueling spoke rather rudely and I did tell him that he'd be taken to task if he misbehaved. Anyways, the bunk owner had ensured that fuel was put in for the amount paid earlier and took down my brother-in-law's cell number in case their calculations didn't add up!

After a few minutes drive, Sanil had found that his fuel gauge was back to normal and indeed, we'd taken a second helping! The gauge was the villain of the forenoon and I felt damn sad that I'd taken off on that poor youngster for no rhyme or reason without assessing the actual reason!! And I realised that there was no point in taking off on my brother-in-law for the faux pas........I need to hold the horses on my temper! There was no excuse on that bit!!

We reached Kurup kochachhan's house by a quarter past 12. The once exuberant house and its surroundings looked as though it was perpetual in mourning for Leela kunjamma! Kochachhan was being looked after by Ajitha and her husband and they seem to be doing a good job, in that, he was looking relaxed and good. Wasn't he thrilled to see all of us together? His statement that the house was hosting so many guests after what seemed to be a long time sounded nice.

After a quick bite of lunch, we're off to Anchal to 'Prayads' to fix the photographic/videographic coverage of Ammu's wedding and the receptions. The advance amount was paid after deliberations. On our return, we'd stopped at Shamsuddin's wayside tea shop, a bit past Kottarakkara, for a nice cup of tea and snack. We did pay the petrol bunk accountant the additional money that we owed from the morning's faux pas and conveyed our regrets!

The house looked acceptably clean after the two day painting of the innards! There's still a long way to go in that the dining hall, kitchen and the two enclosed verandahs need the scrub. Vijayan Pillai and his team are doing a good're ethical to your profession, Vijayan Pillai! My salute and deep appreciation for your demeanour!! People like you'rs getting to be rare these days!!!


Calls kept pouring in as many of our relations want to come and stay with us here to be part of the preparations for the wedding! I've told them that it's a big no-no as 'Raj Nivas' was in a shambles because of the painting going on and also because water was at a premium!

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