Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back at Raj Nivas.

Dateline 23 May.

There was a quick change of plans in the morning when we decided to disembark at Chengannur though we’d reservations upto Kollam. The others wanted us to continue along with them as previously planned but I’d to cut short the sentiments and be practical. The autorickshaw guys at the stand were a bad lot, in that, none of them was willing to do the short route. We found the good Samaritan among them without much ado.

It was a short trip by a rick to the bus stand from where could board a low floor bus to Kottarakkara by 7 and we, then, got down at an intermediate stop from where our house was not very far away. We’re at Raj Nivas much before 8 and came to know that the train that we’d travelled was yet to reach Kollam!

The decision to disembark at Chengannur was indeed a good one! There was a humorous incident too. As we took our bags out, I’d unwittingly taken out another person’s bag out of the bus. Since he was vigilant, he did retrieve his bag just before the bus resumed its journey.

After a wash and change followed by breakfast, rustled up by Mini, Sanil and I’d gone to Kottarakkara for clearing up the hotel bills where the guests for the wedding had been put up. We’d also seen off a few of our guests who’d come down from New Delhi. They seemed to be quite thrilled at having attended a ‘Nair wedding’ from the start to the finish; they’d arrived a day before and were on a conducted tour during our absence.
Sanil left for his house at Ayoor by sunset. The remaining four of us spent the rest of the evening doing a debrief of the events of the last week.

         Had to speak to the senior manager of the Geeyem Motors to buck up as nothing seems to have moved forward regarding the repairs as one of the spares is yet to arrive from their Pune depot. Our return to Guruvayur will correspondingly be delayed!

2.       The pandal man was clearly told to rectify the electrical defect left by them while erectimg the pandal at the courtyard.

P       Post Script.
               A wonderful piece of news.
       The Indian Army’s surgical strikes deep within Pakistani territory at the Naushera sector was heart warming to hear. The short video clips authenticating them were assuring and a good tit for tat for the Pakistani Army’s continuing pushing in of terrorists into our territory. Indarmy, the whole of India loves you.  

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