Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Off to Palakkad.

It's time to get to Raj Nivas to oversee the arrangements for Ammu's wedding. As I see it, the following need to be done:-

      * Painting of the house.
      * Round off the invites, the last destination being Neelamperoor and Ettumanoor.
      * Based on the final number of the invitees, the exact number of meals that have to be ordered
         on the 'wedding conducting group'.

These shall be tackled before we return after this trip.

It was a hot sunny day to begin with. Lekha was on to the final stages of packing and I'd wound down 'The Quarterdeck'. Preetha, the maid, had come in at her usual time and was at work. Eventhough we'd decided to take off at 10, we finally did it about an hour later only to be halted because of an accident involving a mobike, an autorickshaw and a pick up three wheeler. It seemed that there was no loss of life but the squabbling threesome had brought the entire traffic to a grinding halt and had to be separated by the police!

We lost about half an hour there, which was just a kilometer from our house.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and we reached my sister's place by a half past 1. Madhavan, the security man at my sister's enclave, was ecstatic seeing us, as usual. In his enthusiasm, he guided me, initially, into a wrong and tricky parking slot. I just missed getting a gash on my Chevy and was finally able to get a comfortable slot in the basement of the lower building, within the enclave.

Rema had made a scrumptious lunch and it was siesta time, soon after. However, the two ladies went for a quick shopping to collect the curtains, draperies and bed linen meant for Raj Nivas for which the order was placed much before .

Padmakumar and Achu came in around a half past 8 from their offices. We'd subsequently gone through the serials that were being put in place for Ammu's wedding, taking every idea and suggestion that were floated around to zero in on the finalised version! Time really flew, but it was fun and gave us great satisfaction!


We will be setting course for Raj Nivas, tomorrow morning at a half past 6. It's gonna be a long day. Sanil and Mini will arrive earlier and will give us company for the rest of the week as we put our plans for Ammu's wedding on stream!     

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