Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ammu weds Mithun.

Had ducked off to sleep much past midnight and was up with the lark. It was a quick trip to Kottarakkara to pick up Seena and Digna for decking up Ammu. The house was lit up through the night to ward off untoward incidents and I'd switched off as the first light had started peeping through. Our relations from Neelamperoor, Ettumanoor and Kidangoor arrived in quick succession and in the meanwhile, Stalin's photographic/videographic team had arrived and commenced their work.

The ceremonial giving of the 'dakshina' began without much ado and by about a quarter past 9, we'd shut down the house and proceeded to the venue of the wedding. My friends, Jojy-Saly and Mohanachandran along with my cousin, Prabha and Ramakrishnan arrived well within time to be with us as we went through the marriage ceremonies. As I was making rounds of the auditorium ensuring that everything was in place, to my surprise I found Varadamma appachi - my dad's youngest sister - sitting at the ground floor on a chair, saying that she was unable to climb up the stairs. It was then that I asked three other cousins of mine to help me pick her up, along with the chair and carried her upstairs. As I made her sit in the front row along with my aunts, Vichani kunjamma and Indira kunjamma, they're thrilled to be back together after a long lapse of time!

The wedding ceremony went off quickly and efficiently and it was soon time for the ceremonial lunch. I'd made it a point to meet up with each and everyone of the guests to exchange pleasantries and to bring myself up with their actual concerns, difficulties that were worrying them. We'd catered for about 700 guests while the actual footfalls turned out to be much less @ 500! The lunch was good and I'd congratulated Aneesh and his team for their good work but food was again wasted that did pain me on a very personal note.

Lekha as the 'first aunt'(Ammayi) had the privilege of leading the train of girls, along with the special lamp(Called 'ammayi vilakku') and looked good in her role of escorting at first, the bridegroom, then, the bride to the stage and finally, the newly wedded couple, off the stage. though she found the lamp a bit heavy!

Mithun, Ammu and the folks from Payyannur were seen off on their long journey back at 1430 hrs after winding up everything at the venue like affixing the signatures, by the couple, on the official wedding register at the 'karayogam office'. Paying up the remaining sums after the initial signing up amounts was taken up with vigour - under the various heads - now that the event was over and we're headed for Payyannur to attend the reception from the boy's side.


We're at the Kollam railway junction well in time but not before encountering an unexpected fiasco, in the train, while trying to convert a few of the upper berths to lower berths for Lekha and a few senior citizens, among us. It ended up with me and Padmakumar not having berths, for ourselves, throughout the journey.


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