Friday, May 12, 2017

Trivia, yet interesting happenings!

Mini, who's currently at Raj Nivas, overseeing the ongoing work and spring cleaning, reports that ants have been seen in large numbers in every room of the house. We'd not sighted them during our last stay, so what has brought about the changes? Is it the smell of fresh paint and varnish that have unwittingly invited them? Or is it the general disorderliness that comes about while a house - that was under lock and key with no activity over a long time - is spruced up and suddenly active?

Or is it that my parents are unhappy that I've disposed off many things that they'd put into the house, over the years? And are they expressing their displeasure in this symbolic manner? Further, I've also rearranged the display of photographs on the walls of the house, corresponding it with the time when each event had taken place...... I'd still stand by my decision because there was too much of junk accumulated over the years!

    *                              *                               *

Had been to the hair saloon, nearby, this morning to have my hair trimmed and had specifically, asked for the services of Sajish. Not only did the youngster do a good job but he also gave me a couple of tips despite the fact that I'd made it clear to him that I wasn't worried about my looks! I've given a 3 out of 10 to myself in that department, remember? And worrying about looks in the 60s? Here are the tips that he's passed on to me:-

       * I must shave only twice a week to ensure the tautness of my facial skin.
          I'm used to shaving daily, a habit that I've followed from the Academy days. It's not feasible,
          I tell him.
       * I must use face packs to ensure that black ends don't crop up.
          I find their use a bit tedious and unfeasible while I move with simple people as part of my
          work for the Foundation.
       * I must spend time in grooming myself everyday.
          I find it silly to spend time in front of the mirror at this stage in life!

Sajish had said his piece. It's damn nice of him to want me to look good! But his parting shot humbled me, "Sir, why don't you go to the gym nearby for workouts?" His answer to my surprised look was, "There are a lot many stray dogs on the route that you take for your walks". "But I've my stick with me", I answered but he seemed to be unsure as to whether my walking stick would be of any help if the dogs were to carry out a concerted attack! Another lesson learnt!!


I'd visited the medical shop, in the evening, to collect a few medicines. Ummer and Gopan were helpful and thankfully, I was the only customer at the counter. They did tell me that it was a while since they saw me last and I told them the reasons for my absence and mentioned to them about my leaving the station, again, tomorrow in connection with my niece's wedding......... People have started noticing me while I'd always wanted to be inconspicuous and merge with the crowd.

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