Monday, May 29, 2017

A quiet Sunday.

Dateline 28 May.

The house was agog with activity since a half past 4 this morning. Mini and the others were getting ready for their journey. They’d purposely delayed their departure to a half past 7, since Ammu and Mithun had to be dropped enroute at Thenmala where their videographer wanted to have an outdoor shoot to complete their wedding photo album and the video.

Accordingly, Mini and gang left home by a quarter past 7. They’d gone via Pidavoor to meet up with Padmakumar’s mom and Ammu-Mithun were dropped at Thenmala. Mini and Sanil had, then, continued on their long journey to Bangalore. Soon after, Padmakumar, his brother, Aji and Achu had fetched up and picked up Rema for attending a family wedding at Paravoor.

Ammu-Mithun, after the shoot, had proceeded to Jayan’s house for the family get together over lunch. By a half past 2, Rema and gang had picked them up on their journey to Palakkad.

Raj Nivas had become quiet with just Lekha and me after being the hub of activity, a place of fun and frolic for almost the entire month! It was a quiet lunch and evening tea.

Mini and Sanil had reached Bangalore before 8 while Rema and gang had reached Palakkad by about a quarter past 10. Ammu and Mini will be leaving for Payyannur tomorrow morning after spending the night.

Tomorrow our new ration card has to be collected by 9. Hopefully, our Chevy should be ready by evening and it will have to be collected. Only then can our trip to Guruvayur can be finalised for Tuesday morning!


Rs.5 grand will be handed over to Prasanna - the Headmistress of the school in Kura, near the post office where my mom had been the Post Mistress for almost 40 years - to begin an endowment on my mom’s name in her school which will replenish the books of the school’s library. The first set of books – to be purchased by a committee comprising the Headmistress, staff members, students and a member of the parents-teachers’ association – will be formally handed over to the school during the ‘Vaayana Dinam’ on 19 Jun.   

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