Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Simply baffling!

Some of the things that are happening around are most baffling. They shame us, make us look small! But what bewilders me is as to why are they taking place, in the first place.

 1. The NEET Examination.
      The venue, date and occasion. The national eligibility-cum-entrance test conducted by the CBSE,
      on Sunday, the 7th, at one of its centers at the TISK English Medium School in Kannur.

      (a) A girl candidate had to remove her bra because the metal detector had beeped while being 
            scanned. She'd to remove it and hand it over to her mother in full view of the other                               candidates, the examiners conducting the search and a few parents because the rest rooms                   weren't available!
      (b) Another girl candidate had to remove her jeans as it had pockets and metallic buttons. Her
            father had to go in an auto rickshaw to buy a pair of trousers from a shop almost 21/2 kms
            away and mind you, it was a Sunday when most of the shops are shut down!
      (c) At another center, the sleeves of a candidate were cut as full sleeves are not permissible!
      Why did it have to happen?

             * Overzealous and unimaginative examiners going strictly by what's in print.
             * Candidates not adhering to the dress code that has been promulgated.
             * CBSE having framed rules that are ambiguous and have dichotomy.

        My doubts.

             * Are the youngsters of today too adept in cheating, coming out with bizarre ways of
                fudging? Don't they want to get the thrill of making the grade on their own efforts?
             * Or don't we, elders, have any faith in them? I mean, their ethics or lack of them?
             * It's an age old saying that, "One must read a letter in its true spirit". Are the examiners/
                teachers not flexible enough in understanding the orders in print? I mean, if I'd been an
                examiner/invigilator, I would have let the young lady to wear her bra, the metallic beep
                notwithstanding! Or are they plain dumb?
       Shame upon us! It should not have happened!!

 2. The Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case.

      Arnab Goswami and his channel, Republic, have brought out startling revelations about the
      case. Based on new evidence, the channel has been able to pin down Shashi Tharoor with some
      exasperating questions that he needs to answer.

      I ain't going about these new revelations. My doubt is that, "Are rules different for people, 'who
      matter' and for the common man, like me?" I mean, if there's even a needle of suspicion on
      somebody connected with a case, the police takes that person into custody for questioning
      to collect the facts to crack the case. Why hasn't it happened in this case?

 3. The Strange Case of Justice Karnan.

      The Supreme Court has awarded six months jail for Justice CS Karnan of the Calcutta High
      Court in a contempt case, an action that's unheard of. Hope the matter has been sorted out once
      for all! If he was mentally unsound, how did he reach this position, I wonder?


It was a quiet day, today. Mini, had reported that the paintwork at Raj Nivas has been completed. The removal of the wild grass, all around the house, is on and should be complete by tomorrow. And as per the latest count, there're gonna be three dropouts from the original list of 21, earmarked for leaving Kollam for the reception at Payyannur, in the evening of the wedding day.



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