Thursday, May 11, 2017

Justin Bieber, that wasn't fair!

Justin Bieber had landed, late Tuesday, ahead of his maiden performance in India. After weeks of preparation by the organisers in Bombay, the DY Patil stadium played host to about 45,000 people, who're his die hard fans. The organisers had highlighted that it was a part of his 'Purpose World Tour', showcasing his new album.

 The Aftermath.

 Did Justin take his Indian fans for a ride? Looks like it, from the complaints received from the
 audience, on completion of the show which are:-

    (a) He'd belted out 21 numbers, out of which he sang only 4. For the rest he'd only provided
         lip sync for the audio that was being played out on tape.
    (b) His performance betrayed the lack of rehearsals.
    (c) The audience had begun to file into the stadium from 9 in the morning while Justin made his
          entry at 8, in the evening.
    (d) His performance lasted a mere one and a half hours and he left India, soon after. The itinerary
          announced earlier was that he'd perform at New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra besides Bombay!
 Less said about the arrangements made by the organisers, for the audience:-

    (a) Adequate rest rooms weren't provided.
    (b) Bottled water was available @ Rs.100/- to Rs.150/- per piece!

 The irony of it all, to my mind, was that the lowest ticket was priced @ Rs.5,000/- Was it, then, the  organised plunder by the organisers? Why didn't they lay down a clear cut 'activity chart' after  discussions with the singer and his team, while fixing his programme?

 Just not fair, Justin Bieber! You've let down a whole lot of 'beliebers'

My take.

Many of these celebrities are unable to handle the success that has come their way - too much of adulation and fan following at a relatively young age! They get into a lot of behind-the-curtain practices like dependence on drugs and lead a highly make believe life. Unfortunately, it's these contradictions that pull them down ultimately. Sad!

It's my fond hope that Justin Bieber does well and doesn't have bad experiences.


Why don't they try to emulate our own evergreen, Yesudas - to cite just one example - who's an example of humility despite his tremendously successful singing career?

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