Monday, May 22, 2017

At Payyannur.

Our train, the Maveli Express, fetched up at Payyannur  at a quarter to 7. Mithun’s younger brother and a vehicle were standing by for us and we’re taken to the hotel where we’re gonna spend our time. A quick wash, breakfast and catching up on some sleep were achieved without much ado. By 10, the first batch of the Foundation’s co-ordinators from Kasaragod had come for the meeting to discuss the activities to be conducted during the ‘Reading Day’(Vaayana Dinam) and the ‘Reading Week’(Vaayana Vaaram). They’re followed by the co-ordinators from Kannur and by the time the discussions were over, it was time to go to Mithun’s home for lunch.

A short drive, meeting up with Mithun’s  relatives, who’d not attended the wedding, a scrumptious lunch and after further interaction, we’re back at the hotel. A short siesta, wash and after changing into our Sunday best, we’re off for the reception at the Kairali auditorium hosted by Mithun’s family. After interaction and catching up with their friends and relatives, an endless round of photographic/videographic sessions and a lovely dinner – the famous ‘Malabar Biriyani’ was one among the delicious spread - it was time for us to leave. What I’d noticed during the day’s deliberations was that our little one had struck the right chord in Mithun’s family and she seemed to be happy and radiant in her new environment. She’d entered their house at a half past 6, this morning after a whole night’s journey!

It was 7 when we had left the auditorium for the hotel, a quick change for the journey and we’re at the railway station by a quarter to 8 only to be told that our train was an hour late because of a snag in the overhead electrical traction cable a couple of stations before Payyannur.
Our group of 15, was divided into three – based on the destinations – but within the same compartment. The return journey had commenced in right earnest! Padmakumar and Achu had boarded a train, soon after ours, as they’re headed for Palakkad.

It was the end of a short, sweet and productive trip executed after detailed planning notwithstanding the five, who’d dropped out of the journey for their own reasons.

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