Monday, May 29, 2017

A day of differing experiences!

Dateline 27 May.

Mini woke me up at 5 to inform that Ammu and Mithun had passed Haripad – they should be getting down at Kollam within an hour. Since Sanil was in no position to make it Rema had volunteered to come along with me but not before she took a tumble on the uneven ground in front of our gate due to a misstep.

We’re late by about ten minutes and Mithun-Ammu were waiting in front of the bus station. It took about 45’ to reach home thanks to the road being virtually empty thanks to the sparse traffic at that point of time. After a boisterous breakfast, the conversation continued with the newly wedded couple – their outlook towards life seemed to be disarmingly simple and charmingly optimistic!

Today happens to be Sanil-Mini’s 25th wedding anniversary. The anniversary cake was cut just before lunchtime – didn’t it look farcical after my thoughts of yesterday, you might ask. But a couple of hours earlier, I’d talked it out with Sanil and made it clear to him about two aspects:-

(a)  Him starting up another life, without divorce, was unacceptable and there was
no question of it being initiated from our side.
(b)  He required to undergo a de-addiction regime forthwith(The discussions had
taken place in a cordial manner in front of everyone, including his daughter
and son-in-law). 

The cake cutting ceremony was cute and short with the cell phones taking in the scenes. The ceremonial lunch followed soon after and by 2, the four of us – Ammu-Mithun, Rema and I proceeded to Indira kunjamma’s house at Thiruvananthapuram. It was to fulfil my promise to Suresh and Reshmi that I’d ensure that the newly wedded couple would come to seek their blessings when they’d sadly declared that they wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding due to Suresh’s health and the consequent medical management! It was a poignant moment!!

We’re on our return journey by about a half past 4. The route that I’d chosen skirted my alma mater and I was only too proud to show Mithun the Sainik School as we passed by. And we’re back home before sunset when saw the others were ready to go to Jayan’s – Sanil’s youngest brother – house for looking up Ayoor amma, who is all of 81 yrs and wasn’t keeping well of late and for having dinner.

I didn’t want to deflate the prevalent mood of enthusiasm and embarked on the next journey to Kollam after a quick wash and was glad that I’d agreed to the idea. The way Ayoor amma’s face had lit up on seeing me did make my day! The interaction with the others and the scrumptious dinner that followed made it a great evening. Jayan’s wife, Ponni had really given her best!


The return drive with a continuous and lively conversation was nice and we’d ended up rounding off a late night that, incidentally, has been the trend all through this month.   

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