Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A quiet Wednesday.

It was a quiet Wednesday. The day had begun with an overcast sky but the rains came by, much later, around 9 o'clock at night only to nix my viewing of the prime time news. It was relentless though at a reduced intensity.

Lekha and I went for the movie, 'Ennu, ninte Moideen', for the morning show in the theatre at the western entrance of the temple. We'd wanted to see it but time and space did not permit us to see it thus far. This time, mom had egged us to go as she'd Lekha's assistant, Preetha, for company. It's based on the true story of Kaanchanamaala and Moideen whose union was paradoxically, opposed by the two families despite the fact that the patriarchs participated in each other's annual religious festivals with great fanfare to show their religious tolerance.

The film has scored in every department of film making, as I understand. Rains form the backdrop during the entire duration of the film, so much so, that I was expecting a pouring rain outside while exiting the cinema hall, on completion. However much I tried I couldn't attribute the real reason for the director's use of the rains while finely weaving a sensitive story. One also felt bad that the couple, despite their deep love for each other and having formed a resolve to live together as man and wife, come what may, couldn't do so as fate seemed to come in their way, time and again, in the form of her maternal uncle's(Mind you, the power of the maternal uncle was much, much greater than the dad's in old nair families!) death, followed by Moideen's dad's death and so on till his own watery end while trying to save a toppled country boat's passengers in which he, himself, was a fellow traveller, armed with their passports towards plans of settling abroad!

Truly an immortal love story! Prithviraj(Moideen), Parvathi Nair(Kaanchanamaala), Lena(Moideen's mom), Bala(Her brother) and Sai kumar(His dad) are good with the others ably supporting.

The protagonist in the reel story, incidentally, has a connection with our family. In the mid-80s, a still grieving Kaanchanamaala had joined as an active worker in the KANFED(Kerala Association for Non Formal Education) under the persuasion of my grandfather, PN Panicker. Whenever she used to come to Thiruvananthapuram to attend the organisation's sessions and anniversary meetings, Muthachan used to get her to our home and through those times spent, she'd befriended the huge joint family! I must confess that I didn't have the privilege to interact with her then as I was away on my professional pursuits. 


All of 74 years, she lives at Mukkam in Kozhikode and is financially not well off. Dilip, the Malayalam actor, has pitched in to build her a new dwelling place with a library and computer based education for the needy, which is her passion........

...........She was accepted as the daughter-in-law by Moideen's mom and brought into the huge Moideen mansion. But on the mother's death the relatives of Moideen had gone to court, pointing out the absence of any document connecting Kaanchanamaala to the family and hence, she lost the case. The relatives, however, had given her a small plot of land where she lives in quietude.

Must visit her and see as to what the Foundation can do to support her noble efforts.

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