Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I've randomly selected a few of the news bytes from here and there, to show as to how crazy things can be. The political alignments, the connected flip flops, the outrageous utterances etc are all part of this madness. An impassive observer can have a hearty laugh because, the people who indulge in such behaviour seem to be under three fundamentally wrong assumptions about the public at large viz.:-

    (a) Aren't intelligent, do not have a mind of their own and display a mob mentality that can be
         easily confused/brought around to a thinking of one's choice by smart maneuvers.
    (b) Have a very shallow memory and
    (c) Have too many problems themselves that they aren't bothered about other aspects even if they
          were to impinge upon their own lives.

With that as the preamble, let me put across my observations:-

 (a) Rubbishing One's Own Leader.

       There's no rationale for Manishankar Iyer or Salman Khurshid to bad mouth their government
       and the Prime Minister, while enjoying the hospitality of the Pakistanis. The former's call to
       throw out the government to ease the problems in the relations between the two countries and
       the latter certifying Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharief as a far sighted statesman, who continuously
       worked for peace between the two countries can only be viewed with scepticism.

       Are their personal animosities with Modi so overwhelming that they do not mind badmouthing
       him while on a visit outside the country?

       To my mind, it's tantamount to treason and they must be taken to task on return. Their party
       could begin the process by asking them to give explanations for their obnoxious behaviour or
       else face expulsion!

  (b) The 'Kiss of Love' Organisers in Bad Deeds. 

        Rahul Pasupalan, the key organiser of the 'Kiss of Love' and his model wife were among the
        six arrested in connection with an online prostitution racket. A few other members of the gang
        were arrested from various parts of the state for uploading photographs of minor girls and
        posting obscene comments on a Facebook page promising escort service.

        A simple case about bad guys into bad deeds. Their targeting unsuspecting minors can never be

   (c) The LDF Takes Control of Most Corporations.

         Post panchayat elections, the newly elected members and their leadership have taken over
         the reins of the corporations/municipalities/panchayats. The LDF, now, controls 5 of the 6
         corporations and 46 of the 87 municipalities. The Palakkad municipality became the first
         to be taken over by the BJP. The zilla panchayats have been shared equally by the two
         fronts(7 each). The details of the gram panchayats are as follows:-
                   * Total                                            941 
                   * Elections held in                          889 
                                         LDF                           550
                                         UDF                           318
                                         BJP                              12
                           Independents                               9
                    * Yet to be held in                            52

         At many places it's the infighting within the Congress that has cost the UDF very dear. Will
         they be able to get their act together before the Assembly elections six months from now? And
         with the confirmation from the CPM's secretary that VS Achuthanandan will lead the party in
         the Assembly polls, what happens to the truce within the state's leadership who'd wanted him


Just last month it was all about intolerance within the country based on a few unfortunate and stray incidents. Where has it disappeared?


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