Saturday, November 28, 2015

New responsibilities.

1. The day had started off on a good note. I was at the Foundation, alongwith my Maman by a half  past 9. It was great meeting the staff who, as usual, welcomed me with a warm smile. Till now many of them did wonder as to why I wasn't involving myself with the organisations day-to-day activities. Though the core group was aware of my intentions, today's activity would confirm my involvement on a daily basis.

2. There was a string of visitors beginning with the director of a television channel. Though the proprietor of the channel was a family friend, I was meeting the gentleman for the first time. After understanding the purpose of my visit, he volunteered to prepare an acceptance speech which he insisted that I must make when I told him that I didn't want to be formal - damn sweet of him and it turned out to be a valuable input as I realised in the course of the day.

3. Meanwhile, Maman and the staff, were busy with the groundwork regarding the activities connected with the Justice Krishna Iyer lecture on his first remembrance day on 04 Dec. A year has swiftly passed since that noble soul had left us!

4. We, finally took off for Kollam by a half past 12 and could reach the venue of the meeting by a 10 minutes to 1500h. The officials and the new incumbents of the district panchayat headquarters had fetched up and the meeting took off as planned. The agenda was quickly and efficiently gone through and towards the end, I made my short acceptance speech after which a few of the participants came and befriended me, took down my contact numbers. Someone said that I'd spoken well....but what I could gather was that I'd passed the initial test.


It's nice to have high sounding designations but one has to work hard to set and achieve targets. Only then does one's true value gets passed on to the organisation's growth!

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