Monday, November 30, 2015

Mom's medical review.

We'd got up at 5. It's my sa'arthi, George's, idea to leave home by a half past 6 to be in time at the "Brainwaves" clinic at Kochi for the appointment at 0915h. We'd taken the NH 17 route which was comparatively quieter and were there on the dot.

The doctor was pleased, as usual, on seeing my mom and she was equally excited and her opening statement to him was that her medicines needed reduction. He was indulgent and told her that she was on the bare minimum numbers that was essential for her. I think his statement, "Amma, you're looking beautiful and five years younger", swept her off her feet. Meanwhile, we caught up with various things within the short span of time that was available.

George's off to Tirur tomorrow to carry out a court's sentence awarded to him for a mishap that happened 24 yrs back, when he was with the state road transport corporation as one of its drivers.
He was proceeding to Kozhikode and the bus had passengers that filled up its seating capacity viz. a little above 50. The speed that he was maintaining was about 85 kmph, when all of a sudden, the steering wheel had got unstuck and with great difficulty, he was able to bring the vehicle to a halt by impacting hard against a wayside tree, injuring almost all the passengers. After the tortuous 24 yrs of legal proceedings, he's been fined a sum of Rs.2,500/- along with a day's stay in the court till its proceedings got over! He looked tired yet happy that the ordeal was coming to an end!!

We're back home by lunchtime, at 1. There were rains enroute but the result was that the day was gummy and miserable, the airconditioned innards of the car was a great boon though George had a tough time driving through the rains as the wipers got stuck! Rubbing the windshield with tobacco helped him get a clear view, reducing his driving difficulty.

A short, neat trip and mom's parameters are within normal limits.


The evening walk was relaxed and enjoyable. The month of November is over and we're on to the last month of the year!


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