Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A comedy of errors.

Today was a day of happenings in a frivolous sense. But can't help narrating them for the essential mirth that surrounds them and without much ado, here I go:-

   (a) The 'globe trotting' rooster.

         A black rooster, from our neighbour's house, seems to have lost his way into our surroundings
         and has been making quite a racket, easing at will much to our despair. He takes refuge under              our Chevy standing at the porch and was first noticed by mom during our customary walk in the          evening. The fact is that he's slept the last two nights under the new roof of his find and seems
         to find it comfortable!

         Must tell the neighbours so that they can retrieve it. He's heavy and is sure to be slaughtered
         once he's got back because I'm sure that none would like to have a disloyal(?) pet among his
         flock! Sad to be the harbinger of his ultimate end!! RIP, birdie!!!

    (b) The errant cyclist.

          I was on a quick errand, a trifle after teatime and had to cross the highway. So, concentrating
          to my right and after ensuring that there wasn't any traffic whizzing past, I stepped out. And
          all of a sudden there was this thin wiry man - about 40 yrs of age and a farmhand, surmised
          from the dress that he wore - on his bicycle who maneuvered his vehicle expertly to avoid                   hitting me, ended up clinging on to me with his cycle, askew at our feet.

          Normally, I must confess, that I'd have blown my top but seeing the man clinging on to me
          thanking that nothing untoward had happened, I'd tapped his back before disentangling! He,
          meanwhile, kept mumbling his apology for being on the wrong side.

     (c) My new 'saarthi'.

           After quite a few days of search, my cousin was able to find a new saarthi for the official
           vehicle allotted to me in my new avatar. The following were the requirements:-

                 (i) had to be a local man from Kollam, so that his availability was ensured all times and
                      to cater for emergencies.
                (ii) He'd to be good at his work and lend his hand to certain requirements of the office.
               (iii) He'd to take proper care of the vehicle and
               (iv) his loyalty to the organisation wasn't negotiable.

            His name is Rengan. He's a gulf returnee with many driving hours under his belt and was
            in search of a job. When we spoke over the phone, he seemed to have a lot many questions
            - and rightfully so - regarding the scope of work, leave, emoluments etc. To an outsider,
            it would have appeared that it was I who was being interviewed!


Another quiet day with me doing hardly anything.       

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