Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Meeting up with friends.

Had got up at a half past 5, gone through the chores and was out of the cabin by 6. Half an hour later, it was a refreshed and satisfied me that had returned. The morning walk really invigorates me as it also helps me to say my prayers. The city of Pune was slowly waking up to another day and the sentry on duty at the main gate had a black dog - that barked at me but was wagging his tail all the way -giving him company. The sentry group has named the dog, 'Kaalu'.

By a quarter to 12, the cab had arrived and behind the wheel was an interesting gentleman by the name of Iqbal Akhtar, who's an electrical engineer by profession engaged in a host of entrepreneurial activities. He drives the cab - he owns four of them which are registered with the cab service agency -thrice a week 'for the fun of it', according to him.

The afternoon with the Banerjees was a great one, a house that I used to frequent quite often earlier as our friendship had begun years back while I was at Coimbatore in the mid 80s. The interaction was good and it was nice catching up from where we'd left last. Had missed meeting their son, Gavvy, who'd flown out early morning today on holiday.

The return was easy because the traffic had not built up to clutter the roads - the peak hours were yet to arrive. An hour's siesta had freshened me up and I was waiting for my classmate, Allan to fetch up. It was then that Jo had called. He'd returned earlier from a conference at Delhi and informed me about Priscilla being ill. Our plans for the evening had to change and after interacting with Allan, it was executed. He was handed over his GTG@60 mementos and Iqbal, once again was called up to take us to the Ganga Satellite township.

With the change in the evening plans, we could spend time with Jo and Prisci but for the first time I couldn't befriend Samaira, their cute granddaughter all of 41/2 yrs! My charm just didn't work!!


(a) A day well spent!
(b) Met Priscilla's mom who's all of 90 years. She stays in an adjacent block and is fiercely independent.
(c) And what a coincidence? The Banerjees and the Joshis stay in Block A8 of their residential societies and are on the third floor!

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