Thursday, December 3, 2015

Of sex, sleaze, fraud and allegations.

The chief minister has again been targeted by the opposition. The stick that they're using is the same old, infamous 'solar scam'. Biju Radhakrishnan, Saritha's partner-in-crime, has been testifying before the Commission, probing the solar scam. Like earlier he's made a slew of allegations against the chief minister, a few ministers and an MLA. All these have been in the public domain for quite a while, as of now.

But what makes the present set of allegations different is that he's alleged physical relationship between Saritha and the chief minister. The following are, however, worth noting:-

     (a) Saritha, has been quick on the rebut, saying that she respects the chief minister like her
           father and has dared Biju Radhakrishnan to make the CD - supposed to have the intimate
           scenes between the two - public.
     (b) Biju has gone on to say that his life could be in danger as there would be attempts to retrieve
           the CD from him at any cost.
     (c) He has gone on to say that he's paid a bribe of Rs.51/2 crores to the chief minister, which
          was collected by a member of his personal staff, who has already been removed from the post.
     (d) Biju, incidentally, has been convicted of his wife's murder and has many criminal cases
           against him. Can his utterances be taken as evidence?
     (e) The Commission, probing the scam, is still in the process of examining witnesses.

The opposition has been quick to get off the blocks on the issue. Till now, in the Assembly, it has been obstructing the proceedings to have the Excise Minister removed on account of the 'Bar bribery Case', today it's asked for the CM's resignation! What they seem to forget is that they'd tried to oust the CM earlier on the same issue even boycotting his official functions which was hastily called off when one of their wings - the DYFI - had injured him during a stone throwing incident.

The present day tactics by political parties is to hurl allegations at their opponents backed by sustained media back up to raise doubts among the public. Gone are the days when the political leader resigned promptly on grounds of probity. In the melee, something happens and that becomes the justification for the actions! The paradoxical fact is that the person at whom the allegations are hurled could come out of it, unscathed!!

The chief minister has gone on record to say that he'd quit politics if there was even an iota of truth in the allegations. He's clear in his conscience that he has done no wrong and I believe him!


It was review for Lekha on two counts, first, by the Plastic Surgeon and second, by the Ophthalmologist. The Immunologist will be seeing her next Tuesday and today's efforts were the prerequisites. By the time we'd returned home, it was lunch time.

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