Saturday, December 26, 2015

Adieu Sadhana!

Sadhana, the glamour girl of the Hindi movies in the 60s, passed into the mist of time yesterday. Her beauty coupled with the hits that she was a part of like 'Mere Mehboob', 'Woh Kaun Thi', 'Arzoo' and 'Waqt' to name just a few, catapulted her to the pinnacle of fame. She, too, like the late Suchitra Sen, was living as a recluse and never allowed herself to be photographed in subsequent years because she wanted the general public to remember her as she was in her heydays!

RIP, Sadhana. My tears and prayers! India will always remember you as one of her glamour queens who'd scorched the silver screen with your emotive capabilities. And can anyone forget the 'Sadhana cut' that became a cult following among the girls of that decade?

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Had asked for trouble while watering the small patch of green in my courtyard yesterday. The plumber had advised during his previous visit that I should ensure capping of the free end of the hose, with my palm, before switching on the motor. I'd forgotten about it completely and used the motor more than once, causing an air lock in the system without realising that it had happened!

Consequently, the flow of water through the taps stopped much after sunset yesterday, causing quite a bit of discomfort. Requisite water was drawn from the well to make the situation easy for mom and Lekha. It was only after the plumber's intervention at 10 in the morning today that the problem was sorted out. Phew!

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Had met the local CPI leader during my evening walk and wished him a happy new year. After receiving my greetings, he broke down and told me his sob story. His 45 day old grandson was battling a peculiar medical condition whereby his intestine is not connected to the rectum and hence, excretion was not possible. The little one had undergone five corrective surgeries in a hospital, nearby, and the doctor had almost given up hopes.

As he was leaving the ICU, the kid looked up and smiled, forcing the doctor to have another look, carry out another attempt. Well, the problem has been sorted out and the li'l one had passed its stool without problems. Could see the tremendous look of relief on the gentleman's face as he narrated the incident. I told the comrade that god will take care of the li'l one and the atheist that he is took it in with a sense of disbelief!


Another quiet day!

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