Saturday, December 5, 2015

Off to drop mom.

Next week we begin our outings, first in connection with the alumni day at school followed by my classmates' get together at the 'Waterscapes' in Kumarakom and further, on to my course mates' gathering at the NDA. And before all that is Lekha's review by her doctor at Kochi, next Tuesday.

Mom had, therefore, to be relocated. By 8 in the morning, there was the visit of a mason and the carpenter to rectify the door of the bedroom at the ground floor, whose support had given way. Since I'd informed them about our programme, they'd arrived promptly at 8 and commenced work to complete it within a little over two hours. The delivery of the cooking gas gave a few anxious moments only to be told that it could be expected next week and that too, on inquiry! Such things have become reasons for anxiety in our lives these days!! I feel that the distribution practices aren't as transparent as they should be.

We'd left home by a half past 2 after lunch. The road had a fairly good amount of traffic as it was a weekend and overtaking vehicles was a difficult proposition due to the narrowness at the initial stretches. At one spot, due to the carelessness of a Quawalis' driver, I'd to get off the wrong side of the road to overtake and luckily, there was no oncoming traffic at that moment. He never came close to me subsequently and maintained a studious distance, perhaps, out of a meek acceptance of his mistake!

The traversing of the 95 odd kms took about two and a half hours. My sister wasn't back home as yet because of a 'parents-teachers' meeting on the occasion of a visit by her school's top management from Bangalore. But Madhavan, their security man, was at hand to show us the parking slot and help us with the luggage, as usual, with a beaming smile.

My sister had fetched up past 6 followed by my brother-in-law, a trifle after 7 and it was continuous conversation, thereafter.


Mom will be alone during the day when both Rema and Padmakumar would be out at work. That's a factor that needs to be addressed by my sister by having somebody reliable to keep her company....... And she's solved that riddle.

20 kms short of Palakkad, we'd fantastic tea at Unnikrishnan's wayside pushcart. The 64 year old says that he gets energised by interacting with people. He seems to be enjoying his work thoroughly. God, please take care of him.    

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