Friday, December 4, 2015

It's been a year!

Three facets for consideration. How time flies?

1. It's been a year.

    A year has passed since Justice VR Krishna Iyer had passed into the mist of time. For all of us
    at the PN Panicker Foundation, we've lost our guiding spirit and mentor and it's very difficult
    to cope with the void left by his passing away. He has given us lasting memories which have
    helped us go about our work as before.

    We remember you, sir, at every waking hour. Our prayers and tears.

2. Dogged insistence. 

    I've a credit card whose monthly payment I do by dropping a cheque in the drop box at the bank.         The manager and the three executives have been insistent that I open an account so that I could           avoid my visits and do the transactions over the smartphone/computer ever since they've                     befriended me. I've told them, time and again, that I didn't want to start another bank account               simply because I don't have the funds as they think me to have. And my quip that it gives me a           reason to visit and interact with them periodically hasn't cut much ice. Wonder whether I give             them the impression that I'm loaded with funds? If affirmative, that myth needs to be exploded at         the earliest.

    But why don't they understand? They've come to know of my activities with the PN Panicker               Foundation. I've also told them that every work, there, is undertaken without taking a penny for my     work. I've told them that I go by my grandfather's dictum that if anyone gets a pension every               month, then there's no reason for that person to hanker for another income. But, for some unknown     reason, they don't seem to understand!

    Today was yet another time that an executive had asked me as to when I'd start an account and I'd       to firmly tell him that I didn't intend to do so. Was he disappointed or was he exasperated? I hope       that my tone was enough to desist anyone from asking me the query again.

3. A case of sour grapes?

    The official commencement of the work connected with the 'Vizhinjam International Seaport' by         the Adani group begins tomorrow. The LDF, in opposition, has said that they'd boycott the                 ceremony citing the reason that the state minister, K Babu, is tainted and that the chief minister is       kicking off the project. Sad!

    Is it a case of sour grapes?


Lekha's blood samples were drawn this morning. Got the first results by evening and the parameters are within limits. We're, now, ready for her review on Tuesday, at Kochi.

It's Navy Day today. While exhorting the men and women-in-whites to keep aspiring for excellence, may I take this opportunity to say the following:-

    (a) Bravo Zulu for the armed forces on their continuing rescue operations in Tamilnadu and
    (b) Three cheers to the people of Madras city and the whole of Tamilnadu for their tenacity and
          the ability to smile despite adverse conditions. Our prayers are with you.

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