Monday, December 7, 2015

Getting Rakesh do what he wanted.

Had dropped Rakesh and Renu at the hotel where their friend's daughter was getting married. I'd also told them to carry out their necessary poojas during the break in the activities related to the marriage. But apart from carrying out a few, they'd returned home with the wish that his 'thulaabhaaram' - weighing against butter - should be carried out in my presence.

Therefore, by about 5 in the evening, the three of us had fetched back at the temple for the 'darshan' and the weighing which Rakesh wanted to be done at 1825h, because it marked the transition to his birth star (He's well versed with astrology, remember!) and was carried out as per his requirement. He weighs 97 kgs, the butter was @ Rs.300/- per kg and the total bill came to over Rs.29 grand.

Pretty good indulgence. On a very personal level, I wouldn't subscribe to spend so much money for such activities on myself as these are dependent on intensely personal beliefs. I believe that making the 'gods' happy by such offerings is another form of bribery! But paradoxically, I'd facilitated the activity, you might say and therefore, question my right to make light of Rakesh's beliefs. Actually, I'm not, who am I to do so? Each one to his own, on such issues.

I'm fascinated to see the people's religious beliefs. There's an unexplainable frenzy when it comes to seeking divine intervention and it takes various forms like trying to spend as much time as possible within the temple premises, conduct various types of 'pujas' and put money into the receptacles in front of the various deities with a gay abandon.

I'd also taken them to the Siva temple enroute and observed a satisfaction in my guests. as though they'd achieved the impossible.

We're back at home by 8 and then it was a free flowing conversation.


Tomorrow's gonna be a long day, we drop the Nandas at the Kochi airport for their onward journey to the Lakshadweep before meeting Lekha's appointments with her doctor and the dentist, in that order. I plan to kick off at 0530h.        

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