Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The morning's walk at Pune and the evening's at Guruvayur.

A nippy yet fresh morning as Pune was waking up to another day, I was out in the cantonment taking in the deliciously fresh air. The half hour brisk walk was exhilarating. We went about our chores without any hint of a hurry and were off to the airport by 9.

There was no traffic clutter and after about half an hour we're on to the checking in formalities. Abhijeet, the 'sa'arthi' deputed by Iqbal as he saw that he would be getting delayed, seemed to know the psychology of the other drivers - whom he came across - because at the crossings that neither had lights nor the traffic cop, he did muzzle his way through!

Though it was announced that our flight would be delayed because of the late start of our aircraft from New Delhi due to the fog, the delay didn't exceed 15'. The flight through Bangalore to Kochi was uneventful and we'd touched down by a quarter to 2. And then was the flap of our hired car still traversing through the town of Thrissur, which meant that there would be a delay of an hour if one erred on the positive. Actually, I was to blame because for some unfathomable reason I'd told George that my flight would land at 1500h instead of the scheduled time of 1355h!

We decided to spend some time in one of the restaurants enroute while waiting for Ravi and his car. Half an hour later, a profusely apologetic Ravi had fetched up and soon we're on our way home. The roads and the highway were packed with vehicles proceeding, presumably, for their Christmas holiday destinations and by the time we reached 'The Quarterdeck' it was a half past 5.

The settling down was at a relaxed pace because the requirements were in place thanks to the elaborate instructions Lekha'd given to her assistant in the morning. I could set out for my evening walk at the appointed hour and to me it was as though we'd never been out of this place! Came across a few of the regulars whom I bump into during my walks who made a statement and I quote, "Hope there are no more trips and long absences." Were they saying that as a conversational piece? Or were they really missing me? I'm sure it's the former!


A journey that had actually begun on 06 Dec, with the highlights of the class get together at Kumarakom and the course get together at the NDA that have given us a host of memories. We could meet quite a lot of friends, well wishers and relatives in the bargain. I wouldn't trade this experience for all the wealth in the world and I'm glad that we could do it! 

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