Monday, December 14, 2015

The class get together - day 2.

The day'd started quite early today too. I was up around 5 and went about my morning chores as usual and was out of my cottage by 0600h for my customary walk. The weather was splendid with a bright sun and a blue sky.

Jose Cherian(310) was my partner, in which, we'd walked outward for 15' and retraced the path during the remaining 15'. It was during this session that I came to know of his wife's passing away a few years back, consequent to a massive cardiac arrest, while she awaited a surgery to remove a malignant growth in her uterus. They've a son who's currently working in the US. Jose keeps himself busy, these days, by working in a reputed hospital at Kochi as its administrator. He continues to be the simple guy that I knew him to be since school and this story should abundantly illustrate it.

On our return leg, we came across a friend who seemed worried about the fact that he didn't have a maroon/black shirt to match with the others in the group photograph that was planned soon after breakfast. Jose offered his - I'd presumed that he'd two - but when I saw him wearing a totally different coloured shirt for the event, I realised that it was his way of helping the other, so what if he'd to avoid it in the bargain? Great guy!

The group photograph in the prescribed colour combination and rigs was definitely the Kodak moment of the day. The tricky job for me, before the event, was to help Lekha wear her saree because I'm too clumsy. The photograph will be another great takeaway from the event.

And soon after, it was time for the houseboat cruise which lasted for about 41/2 hours on the Vembanad lake. It was a great time for interaction with the buddies from school, as we cemented our relationships further. Two games of 'Tombola', antakshari between the gentlemen and the ladies punctuated, appropriately, with a scrumptious lunch and a high tea.

The evening entertainment session and the game, 'Queen Of Sheeba' were wholesome with enthusiastic participation all round.


My rendition of a couple of Malayalam evergreens and the Jamaican Farewell - based on popular request - was lapped up wholeheartedly. The thought about the break up tomorrow saddens many of us will make up the quorum two years from now? It gets me negative thoughts and I hate, I shall hope for the best with the participation by the ones that were absent this time, seeing the fantastic time that we had, gleaned from all the uploads of videos/photographs of the present!   

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