Sunday, December 6, 2015

Back at 'The Quarterdeck'.

There was something that was smouldering deep within, ever since the day when my sister had refused to drive her car after the fireworks from me. I was pretty harsh with her, then, and it had broken her confidence. And I'd vowed to undo that wrong because it wasn't fair as she'd taken it to heart. Later, when I'd met her in an unguarded moment, she confessed that her earlier thrill to drive had vapourised and I felt sorry for being the villain!

This morning, around 10 after breakfast, I'd egged her on to show us her school and succeeded in it. She drove well, this time and after reaching school - it's 12 kms from her house - took us around the classrooms. Her excitement, as well as mom's, were the Kodak moments of the day. The school is situated in a secluded place, full of greenery, quite well suited for educational pursuits. The security guard on duty - Unnikrishnan - was from our neck of the woods and was eager to show us around.

My sister wanted me to get behind the wheel on the return drive but I was sure that she'd do the honours. She fumbled on two occasions, the first at the junction where the side road met the main road where she stalled a number of times. I just kept quiet and I could see that she was getting exasperated at every false start and overcame the impasse in the seventh happens to the best of us and the second was when she took the penultimate turn into the lane, leading to her house, a bit too fast and came to a close quarters situation with a two wheeler.

I was gratified by the look she gave me as she got off the car on parking it in its slot. And I was glad that a grave injustice, on my part, was undone!!

After a heavy and scrumptious lunch, we'd set off for Guruvayur and fetched up at 'The Quarterdeck' exactly two hours later.

Rakesh and Renu, our guests, arrived by the night train. They're here to attend their friend's daughter's wedding and are off tomorrow morning, along with us, to catch the flight to Agatti island of the Lakshadweep, from Kochi.


Rakesh dabbles in astronomy/astrology, during his free time, from his professional work in the IAF. He's, incidentally, the gentleman who's predicted that this was my last birth!

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