Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 3 at the NDA - the visit to Lavasa.

I was late by about 15' for my morning walk because of my own doing - taking more time than usual for the morning chores! But the walk was exhilarating as usual with the morning being nippy, yet fresh.

The breakfast was wolfed down and we're ready in the buses that were to take us to the latest city of Lavasa, about 60 kms from the NDA. The drive was long winding with hairpin bends towards the final approach but the planned city seems to be shaping well - as confirmed during the presentation they'd for us. Work had been held up for the want of procedural clearances, in between, which seems to have been acquired now.

We reached the city and the waterfront hotel that was hosting us, in time for lunch, which was nice. Lekha had gone on a barge cruise in the lake while my interactions with my course mates continued.

By a 10' to 4, we're on our  return journey. We passed through the, now, bustling town of Pirangut which my friend, Ranbir Singh Bhadauria, had reminded all of us as the place we'd our Camp Greenhorn during the II term and he retraced the 'Josh Run' route to the minutest detail! We're back in the cabin before 5 for a piping hot cup of tea and the famous 'Vada Paav'.

A leisurely grooming and we're at the Cadets' Mess by a quarter to 8. It was a splendid evening which culminated in a formal sit down 'Reunion Dinner'! AM PP Reddy, the senior most serving officer from our course, did announce the next reunion of our course to be on 13 Dec '16 at Dubai, which was forcefully put across by the ever sporting MS Atwal - the gold medallist and the ACA of our course who's currently, a businessman based out there.

The revelry of song and dance continued out of the mess into the central lobby of the Alpha Squadron, where we're put up.


The group photograph and the CD, covering our get together, were provided and much to our disappointment, both Lekha and me are obscured by the taller people in front of us. Can't have everything one's way, can one? My fault really, as I should have done the necessary adjustments at the time of the photography! Sorry for letting you down, Lekha!! Bad, Rajeev!!!     

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