Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sunrise at Kumarakom, sunset at Guruvayur!

I'd set off for my morning walk at 6 and was rewarded with a beautiful view of the rising sun. The morning air was cool and crisp.

The packing was completed after breakfast. The heart was heavy as it was time to leave my friends and the ambient environment that was a comfortable home over the last two days. To prevent a prolonged agony, we'd kept our farewells short. By around 1015h, we'd kicked off for home, from the 'Waterscapes', eliciting a promise from each and everyone that we shall endeavour to meet more often. We'd Babu Sahadev(307) for company.

The return was through Vaikom and the first halt was at Jojy's place, to collect our bags. The second was at Babu's brother's place, at Palarivattom, to leave his luggage and pick up an overnighter. The rest of the journey was quiet with a continuous conversation about a host of things and we're back home at 'The Quarterdeck' by 1530h. The windows were opened and it didn't take long for the house to be thrumming with life.

The evening walk was refreshing, with the sunset spot on at 6 o'clock. A few sundry purchases had to be made as Ramanujan(434)-Prema and Mohandas Kollodi(394)-Shylaja were joining us for the evening. It was a great evening with us reminiscing about the get together and anecdotal incidents at school.

A bit of the sadness that was prevailing after having left the Waterscapes could be reduced thanks to this mini get together!


Strange! This afternoon, while driving, I'd to persuade myself to keep awake - or did I drift, in between, I wonder? Thankfully, nothing untoward took place but was it the lunch that caused the drift?    

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