Monday, December 21, 2015

The retreat!

Like all good things come to an end, our short sojourn at the NDA had only a few hours left and the heart was heavy. I'd got up at a quarter past 3 and just couldn't sleep further thinking as to when we could conglomerate here for another joyous occasion.

After going through the morning chores, I was out of the Squadron for my walk on the dot at 6 prompting a few to ask me as to whether I needed to go with only a few hours left for the departure. But I wanted to soak in the perfect solitude and the nice, cool weather while I walked up and down the Presidency drive. Hema says that she'd always associate the get together with the early morning sight of my walking out of the squadron while she sipped her morning cuppa.

The breakfast was south Indian, making a friend returning after breakfast shout out that I'd enjoy it tremendously. This sort of dark humour, taking a dig at one's regional background is an NDA staple and one didn't mind the rib! After all, one must find humour around oneself and the beauty was that this friend was well aware that I preferred the colonial breakfast of eggs and toasts to the former!

We're supposed to go in Vishwe's car to the city but found that that there was no space left in the boot to accommodate our luggage. Was he miffed about the fact that we're not staying at his place for the remaining part of our stay at Pune? Must remember to mollify him. And I'd firmed up my mind to leave the Academy by the transport leaving at 1330h. Baby Syriac and Joma were with us for company as they're leaving by the 1540h train to Bangalore. And, then, suddenly out of nowhere a car had arrived to take us to our destination and an hour later we're in the cabin, earmarked for us, in the Command Mess thanks to KS Venugopal.

Babu and Joma went for their shopping, returned an hour and a half later picked up their stuff and had proceeded to the railway station, nearby. They'd picked up the Pune specialities for us too, damn sweet of them!

It was another hectic evening with friends and as I'd said earlier Pune can never be dull for me, ever!


Another late night but could catch up with many of my friends in the bargain.  

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