Friday, December 11, 2015

A flurry of calls, a farewell and the frenzy of gift wrapping!

It was a leisurely morning at Indira kunjamma's house. Had washed down the car in the drizzle and by 10, we're off from the house. The first stop was at the Foundation's office where I could wrap up some unfinished work. And then we're off to Lekha's aunt at PTP Nagar, where we came to know that her uncle was admitted in a hospital for alarmingly low sugar levels.

We'd, then, set off to another aunt of her who'd undergone a complicated surgery to solve a difficult neurological condition, a few months back. After spending an hour with her and the family, we'd set off to the hospital where her uncle was admitted and had spent about an hour again, with the elderly couple. We'd, then, returned home to a lovely lunch that my aunt had prepared.

We left my aunt's place around teatime to head for my classmate, Laxman's place, where we're scheduled to spend the next one and a half days. It was while leaving, that we're informed about the passing away of a close relative whose house happened to be in the vicinity of my friend's house. Manikuttan chettan, all of 64 yrs, was undergoing treatment for cancer of the liver. He used to consider me a brilliant student, was fond of me and followed my professional growth very minutely. I'd gone to offer my condolences to the family and pray at his body, lying in state. The funeral was slated to be around 9 at night as he'd written in his diary that he didn't expect his near and dear ones to waste unnecessary time and money on unnecessary 'after death rituals'!

My aunt, from whose house we'd come off an hour earlier, was surprised to see me there as I hadn't told her about my intentions. My maman, was also there to offer his prayers around the same time and he'd just returned from Delhi, after an official trip.

It was, then, time to gang up at my classmate's house at Kazhakootam for the get together of a few of us classmates on the eve of our school alumni day. Our first task was to pack gifts for each member, into jute bags, to be presented to ourselves at our 'Get together@60' at Kumarakom, over the weekend. It was a heady evening with a tingling anticipation of the event that was conceived over three years ago!


A great evening with a select group of my friends!

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