Wednesday, December 30, 2015

These things puzzle me.....

There are lots of things that are being told by the political leaders in the media - some of them wild and unsubstantiated but occupying prime time. Another Parliament session has gone past without any meaningful business being transacted. No one seems to be answerable yet they talk of enhancing their pay and perks with a rarely seen unity! How can the affairs of the state go on like this? Or is it that the present stalemate is brought about to cover up their overall inadequacy?

The GST Bill continues to languish even when everyone concerned knows that it's good for the country. Why couldn't the parliamentarians pass it too like they did for the 'Juvenile Bill'? Did the opposition stall it to prevent the ruling dispensation from getting credit for its clearance or to negate the inflow of foreign resources thanks to PM Modi's carefully structured foreign visits?

Can only surmise that forces inimical to the good of the country are still calling the shots. Sad!

Here are a few news clippings that puzzle me:-

 (a) Corruption in the DDCA.

       Much has been seen and read about the matter thanks to the media. As a layman, I understand
       that the allegations are that corruption was rampant in the Delhi Cricket Association when Arun
       Jaitley was its head. CM Kejriwal and his party have been demanding a CBI probe into the issue.
       What makes it uncomfortable for the BJP is that Kirti Azad, one of its MPs, has expressed a
       similar desire for which he's been suspended from the party.

       If there's a hint of corruption, why can't a CBI probe be ordered? Or is it that Kejriwal's past
       actions has shown that he throws muck at others whenever he's in trouble and therefore, his
       allegations need not be given credence?

       The more the incident gets dragged on - through punches and counter punches - the public is
       gonna get convinced that there's some wrongdoing after all. Then the matter gets irreversible
       and the case will have to end up in its logical conclusion. Now, who benefits from it all only
       time can tell.

  (b) The Skewed Sex Ratio.

        The child sex ratio has been suffering a steady setback as gleaned from the latest census data
        and it had been dwelt upon in this forum, earlier, in detail. To define the term, it's the number
        of girls aged 0-6 yrs for every 1,000 boys of the same age group. It's quite crucial for our
        country where a preference for sons and the desire for smaller families have played havoc and
        brought down the number of girls to telling effect.

        It's heartening to note that the Sikh and Jain communities have bucked this trend of late but it
        should be followed by the members of the other communities too. Wonder what's holding them
        back if they're really bothered about the good of their future generations?

  (c) An Unusual Birth, Separation and Survival.

        Pushpa Devi, a Nepali girl, was returning home from Bareilly after an eye check up on the
        52204 Tankapur - Izzat Nagar train when she went into labour and delivered a baby girl in one
        of the lavatories. The newly born slipped and fell on the tracks but has miraculously survived
        after the train was brought to a stop by the other passengers and had the mother-baby duo
        shifted into a primary health centre, nearby.

        It seems that her husband had deserted her sometime back.


Can't refrain from humming, "It happens only in India".   

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