Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mom's day.

It's mom's 81st birthday. Calls from all over - from her brothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughter and friends - kept pouring in through the day. Taking calls on the cellphones seems to tax her because of hearing problems. We'd invited a tight knot of friends to have lunch with us on the occasion and Lekha, along with her assistant, did a marvelous job in preparing a scrumptious spread.

My sister, Rema and Achu were the first to fetch up from Palakkad and the others had trickled in. My immediate neighbours dropped by for a short while as they didn't want to spread the viral fever that both of them have contracted. Ramanujan, my classmate had delayed his departure to Nilambur, on retirement from his bank job, to this day just for being with mom. He'd come along with his wife, Prema. Narayanan, my buddy from the Naval Headquarters days and Rema, came in along with the Warriath kaaranavar and his good lady. Everything went along like clockwork with the last of the guests leaving by teatime.

       *                                       *                                        *

The Supreme Court has given its ruling on the closure of bars in Kerala, paving the way for total prohibition. While it's a victory of sorts for Oommen Chandy, the Chief Minister, to my mind it's an unwanted situation for the following factors:-

 (a) Prohibition is not a viable option because it results in the following:-
       (i) Bootlegging and consumption of spurious liquor by the masses.
      (ii) Mushrooming of liquor outlets immediately outside the state's borders in the neighbouring
 (b) The five star hotel bars will resort to unfair means to make a fast buck from the many who'll
       try for short cuts.
 (c) Loss of revenue to the state's coffers and
 (d) Loss of regular income to the workers who manned the bars.

Perhaps, this government will run its remaining term flush with the legal backing to its decision and will also win votes from the womenfolk who've borne the brunt of their husbands' misbehaviour under the influence of the bubbly and were its vociferous supporters. It will, therefore, be the responsibility of the next government to take a call to take a meaningful and practical decision on the matter. Reduction in indulgence - through structured means - is what should be aimed at instead of prohibition.


The last of the celebrations for the year 2015 has gotten over at 'The Quarterdeck'. Now all that's left is the new year's eve celebrations though ours is gonna be a quiet one at home, as we'd be watching the programmes on television!    

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