Friday, December 18, 2015

Onward to Pune.

It's a fine sunny morning to begin with. The Quarterdeck was systematically shut down for our absence over the next five days. Praveesh came with his gleaming Innova on the dot and we cast off on our journey at 10, with a brief halt at the dry cleaners. We're at Radha's place half an hour later because traffic at the  three choke points enroute, were comparatively free.

Radha's mom was talkative and pleasant as usual but forgetfulness is increasingly becoming discernible. Met Ashima, Arjun and their li'l daughter. And soon we're off to the airport. The drive was fine and just short of the airport, we'd a snack at a wayside eatery.

The procedures at the airport were gone through without much ado, tho' the gentleman at the baggage screening point gently reminded us about the pitfalls in carrying valuables within the check in luggage and I countered it by saying that we're convinced about their workers' honesty! But that's a point that needs to be avoided on further trips. The flight was uneventful and we reached Pune half an hour later than the scheduled time because we'd started late from Kochi.

Pune and the NDA, yet again, was heady. As we drove in through the approaches, I was reminded of my first journey into the Academy on the 10th of January, 1973 as a rookie Ist termer! This is my third visit to the Academy within the last two years. A warm cup of tea and accompanying snacks was timely and the trickle of my course mates was steady and meeting each one was indeed a pleasure.

The evening began at 7 around a campfire at the Air Force Training Team(AFTT) which reminded me of my stint as an Air Force cadet and all the gliding that I'd done. The area also was the starting point for the Inter Squadron X country runs. Well, a nostalgic and momentous get together has got off to a fine start!


Catching up with the course mates just doesn't seem to end. Vishwe, Ceedee and Daljeet represented our Hunter Squadron.

The dessert at the campfire dinner was a favourite during my cadets' time, the 'Fruit Tipsy'! And I simply gorged into it, giving the calories the go by!!  

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