Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Doing my bit.

I'd received a call this evening from Vishnu Sharma at New Delhi. He was in my office years back and was an energetic soul, who was the man for all occasions. He was fond of me and used to help me in my personal jobs like pulling out money from my bank account, collecting medical reports and anything where I couldn't make it due to official commitments. And being the messenger of the office, he'd to go around for dispatch and collection of official mail besides doing other outside work.

I still remember his tearful farewell as I left my office on posting and true to his words, he has kept in touch by calling up on important dates and festivals. A true villager from western UP, he has two sons studying in classes XII and IX and his wife is a home maker.

His nephew was stuck at the Madras airport - courtesy the deluge - and they'd lost contact with him. The family was in panic and to Vishnu Sharma, it was only I who could do the needful and hence, the call. Such expectations can be scary and for a moment I didn't know as to how I should go about it because communications with the city was in a shambles. But I couldn't let him down either! So, I'd called up my cousin - who'd an official stint at the Madras airport earlier and was now transferred elsewhere - gave him the particulars of Vishnu Sharma's nephew with the rider that he should be located and made to speak with his family, back at Delhi, at the earliest.

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Narayanan had asked me to help out an NGO, who wanted to felicitate the local defence veterans who were gallantry award winners for their acts of bravery during the Indo-Pak war of 1965. The organisation was planning to set up an exhibition stall and required material for display. Thankfully, the naval organisation at Kochi has graciously consented to courier adequate publicity material in time for the Vijay Diwas for which it's required.


Quite a small effort for tremendous goodwill!


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