Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The morning cuppa from my my house!

I was up with the lark and had returned after my morning walk, when I found my friend, Babu Sahadev, up and about. I told him that the kitchen's activation would take another 10' as Lekha was into her bath and if required I would do the honours when he inquired as to whether I'd any problems if he were to make it. I replied in the negative.

The tea that he gave us was good and he was happy that he could be of some use(?) during his stay. He's, incidentally, an accomplished cook and all those who've visited him at his house in Toronto swear by his culinary abilities. Soon after breakfast, he was off for the house registration work that he'd essentially come here for and then, proceeded to Kochi from where he flies out tomorrow. To put it in his words, "By this interaction we appreciate as to why we get along well since our school days!" I was a trifle sad that he was selling out one of the two flats that he owns at Guruvayur as his earlier plans of settling down here, on return, has been shelved due to his wife, Suma's medical problems.

Narayanan gave me the good news that 'Pythrukam', an NGO, was able to felicitate the gallantry award winners, among the defence veterans of the '65 Indo-Pak war, who're residing in and around Guruvayur. An exhibition of memorabilia and information on recruitment into the armed forces, along with the posters of ships and aircraft was a great draw, especially for the kids who're active participants in their school's NCC activities. I was glad that the resources came from Kochi on time thanks to my naval friends who're ready to help and that I could contribute towards the NGO's noble efforts in a small measure!

And today, I think I've zeroed in on the cause of the rash of itches that had been felt on my forearms and torso for the last couple of weeks. I like to take my afternoon siestas on the tiled floor of the sitting room with only a pillow for support. The floor is swept clean and disinfectants mixed in water are rubbed with a floor swab and it's this that has affected my ever too sensitive(?) skin! Some discovery, eh? Come to think of it, I'd downed a fair amount of ayurvedic medicines on that score from the comely, neighbourhood doctor!


It was a quiet day with me doing absolutely nothing!


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