Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My grand aunt's 103rd birthday.

It's Ammini Amma's 103rd birthday.

A slightly delayed morning and had dropped Jojy and Mily at their embarkation point at Kaloor by 7 in the morning. It was a leisurely day with me catching up with my mail and getting work done over the telephone. Around a half past 11, we'd fetched up my grand aunt's place which was teeming with friends and relatives. The birthday girl was decked up but displayed rare moments of recognition with a smile here and a gurgle there. She'd give me a hard stare and broke into the briefest smile when I'd addressed her by her pet name.

She was made to sit on a chair to cut the cake and as we gave her a hint of the Black Forrest by brushing it on her tongue, she seemed to enjoy its sweet taste. The point that struck me was that she was born before World War I and had gone through her life in a dignified manner, liked by everyone. She gave and had never hankered for anything from any one! Ramakrishnan, her son, adores her and is ever on his toes catering to her minute to minute requirements and the general feeling is that she continues to plod on for his sake!

Had gone to the medical shop that I used to frequent, two years back, while we're at Kochi. I must admit that I go there because that's one of the very few shops that entertain plastic money and while being on the move, it's a great boon. The salesmen and the lone lady at the counter made inquiries about my long absence.

The evening at the Officers' Institute was a pleasant one that rekindled old memories. We did meet a few friends and wound up fairly early but waiting for the 'cab on call' was a different ball game altogether and after waiting in vain for a while had to call up Felix to get my Chevy to ferry us.


Tomorrow, we'd be taking off for Thiruvananthapuram after dropping Jojy and Mily at their vehicle embarkation point, since their car has gone for servicing!


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