Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Onward to Kochi.

We could kick off at 0540h and after a light breakfast at our favourite haunt, the Nandas could be dropped at the airport before 8. The onward passage through the metro rail construction wasn't tedious as the regular office goers were yet to spill on to the roads in droves!

We're at the doctor's clinic by 9, a full hour before the appointed hour but had to wait an hour beyond before meeting up with the doctor. He was pleased to see Lekha's progress by virtue of the lab results, retained the same dosages of most medicines and reducing that of one and has asked us to meet him, next, on the 8th of March. There was ample time to visit the dentist.

We associate three dentists - Mallan, Winston and Sandip - with the clinic that we frequent. Today, we came to know of the passing away of Sandip about a couple of months ago. 42 year old Sandip, had gone for his morning workout at the gym, close to his house, where he suffered a massive cardiac arrest minutes into his first set of exercises on an equipment. The sad part is that he's left behind a young child and his wife, who's pregnant. I still remember his smiling face, when we'd met about two years ago when he'd shyly said that he, along with Mallan and Winston, would visit our place and spend time with us. That remains unfulfilled! 

I'm impressed with the dedication to the profession, shown by these doctors. Mallan had sorted out Lekha's dental problem and showed us the working of a sophisticated gadget, he's gonna introduce in his work, with the interest of an inquisitive teacher always in the quest of new ideas towards betterment of the work.

A quick bite at another favourite haunt of ours, followed by the buying of grocery and we headed straight to our friend's house where we'd be spending the next couple of days.


It was like getting back home within familiar surroundings. A thrilled Shanaya was out to entertain us, throughout the evening, with her nursery rhymes and the new things that she's learnt.    

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