Sunday, December 13, 2015

On a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The day'd begun at 4 to ensure that we took off at 7 in my car. Last evening I'd prevailed upon Suresh Laxman and Sindhu to travel along with us. The boot was, consequently, loaded with personal luggage and the mementos to be given away at the 'GTG@60' of our classmates. The journey was smooth with me taking the MC Road till Adoor to shift over to the NH 66(The old NH 47!) with two brief 'rest room halts' in between - during the first, we'd breakfast and the second was for fuelling the car and ascertaining the route.

We're at the 'Waterscapes', in Kumarakom, by 12 and the thrill and the excitement of meeting my classmates - I was meeting a few of them, for the first time, after passing out from school in '72! It was a boisterous lunch as people came in a slow, yet steady trickle. I made it a point to hug every classmate of mine that I came across - it was an ascertainment of the strong bond that exists amid us.

The 'Roll Call' was at 1630h at the dining hall where everyone was handed over a jute bag containing a saree, dhoti, two caps, the coffee table book that the class had prepared for the occasion and a memento that we'd meticulously filled the day before at the vet, Mohanachandran's house!

Tea, followed by a break and we returned to the same venue for the musical evening that I wished could go on......


A great moment and am glad that Lekha and I were in it. Her rendition of the 'Chandrakalabham.....' was lapped up by one and all.     

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