Sunday, November 1, 2015

A delightful hour!

I normally hook on to the programme, 'Director's Music' on Amritha TV every Sunday. It's an hour long programme from 2000h to 2100h that brings out the stories behind the songs, its protagonists especially from the Directors' angle and the intricacies of the song like its lyrics, its music with a brief about the playback singers, involved in the rendition. A truly complete entertainment programme!

This evening it was M Kunchacko, the proprietor of the famous 'Udaya Studios' perched beside the NH 47 at Alappuzha, who was being covered. He was a wholesome entertainer and had made 55 Malayalam films in his lifetime, most of which had gone on to be super hits! His 'Valluvanaadan films' covering the brave and heroic lives of Thacholi Othenan (Immortalised by the inimitable Sathyan), Unniyaarcha, Aaromalunni etc are magnum opuses that can never lose their charm despite the passage of time.

Today's episode covered the following songs, everyone of which continues to be my favourite:-

 (a) Kadalivaazha kayyilirunnu kaakka innu virunnu vilichu.....
       - from the movie, 'Umma'.
       - sung by Jikki.
 (b) Paattupaadi urakkaam njaan thaamarappoom paithale.....
       - from the movie, 'Sita'.
       - sung by P Susheela and it was her first effort with Kunchacko!
       - this was the lullaby my mom used to sing for me while rocking me in the cradle.
 (c) Annu ninne kandathil pinne.........
       - from the movie, 'Unniyaarcha'.
       - sung by AM Raja.
 (d) Periyaare, Periyaare parvatha nirayude panineere........
       - from the movie, 'Bhaarya'.
       - sung by Yesudas and P Susheela. This was also the first venture by the poet, 'Vayalar
         Rama Varma' in a Kunchacko movie!
 (e) Kaakka thampuraatti, karutha manavatti koodevide........
       - from the movie, 'Inapraavukal'.
       - sung by AM Raja. Actress Sarada's debut film in Malayalam films along with Sathyan.
         Her name was announced as 'Raahel' both in real and reel life!
 (f) Swarna thaamara ithalilurangum kanvathapovana kanyake........
       - from the movie, 'Sakunthala'.
       - sung by Yesudas.
       - the script for the movie was written by Lalithambika Antharjanam.
 (g) Priyathamaa, priyathamaa pranaya lekhanam engane ezhuthanam........
       - again from the movie, 'Sakunthala'.
       - sung by P Susheela.
 (h) Sankhupushpam kannezhuthumbol Sakunthale ninne ormavarum.......
       - yet again from the movie, 'Sakunthala'.
       - sung by Yesudas.
 (j) Nadikalil sundari Yamuna..........
       - still from the movie, 'Sakunthala'.
       - sung by Yesudas and B Vasantha.
 (k) Paalkaari, paalkari kaattiladine meychu nadakkum kasavuthattakkari.......
       - from the movie, 'Kasavuthattam'.
       - sung by Yesudas.
 (l) Indulekhe, indulekhe Indrasadassile nrithalole...........
       - from the movie, 'Thirichadi'.
       - sung by Yesudas and P Susheela.
 (m) Manjubhaashini, maniyara vediyil mayangi ozhukunnathethoru gaanam........
       - from the movie, 'Kodungallooramma'.
       - sung by Yesudas.
 (n) Yavansundari, nee enikkoru pavizha munthiri......
       - from the movie, 'Pearl View'.
       - sung by Yesudas and B Vasantha.
       - the camera was wielded for the first time by cinematographer, M Vincent in a Kunchacko
 (p) Sakhaakkale munnottu.........
       - from the movie, 'Punnapra Vayalar'.
       - sung by Yesudas and chorus.


A blissful one hour!

Today's 'Keralapiravi' dinam. On the occasion, the documentary on Shri PN Panicker was screened
for a special audience at the Kerala House in New Delhi.

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