Friday, November 13, 2015

Mom is, still, not all right.

Mom's continuing indisposition baffles me. A friend of ours had fetched up and though she chatted with him for a short while, she'd gone back to lie down on her bed soon after. Usually, she'd have talked with him for quite a while. The morning schedule of medicines was administered and I'd talked to her doctor, at Ernakulam.

It was he who'd advised me to show her to a local physician to get an overall picture and accordingly, we literally dashed to the nearby hospital to catch up with the consultant physician who was winding up for the day, around lunch time. The funniest thing was that my neighbours have all along been insisting on my meeting up with this doctor but it hadn't fructified till now.

He'd a thorough check of my mom, advised that the medicines being administered, thus far, be continued and had added a tablet and a capsule, in addition. He'd also called for a urine culture, so that, based on its results he'd review her case on Monday. He has given me an assurance that there was no cause for undue worry.

By evening, my mom was better but her intake of food continued to be frugal. Hope the improvement comes by over the weekend!

      *                                       *                                        *

I had done something unwise this morning. A cheque carrying the premium for renewal of our car's insurance was put in an envelope and stapled to be handed over to the manager of a local branch. The insurance company's rep would pick it up from him, thereafter.

Combining it with our movie going, I'd taken it along. Two things happened one after the other viz. the movie that we wanted to see had changed and consequently, Lekha had stopped by to shop for vegetables/fruits. Meanwhile, I'd taken a detour and fetched up at the bank manager's office. After a brief introduction and having explained the reason for my visit, I handed over the envelope to him which he reluctantly accepted. I realised my folly and had the staple quickly removed so that he could see the contents.

It was then the bank manager's turn to be apologetic about his reaction!

       *                                       *                                        *

Our friend from Dubai had dropped by for a daylong visit and was bang on time for the morning cuppa. He makes it a point to look us up during his annual visits to the country.


The sky was overcast throughout the day and the resultant humidity was oppressive!       

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