Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When utterances can cause ridicule and contempt.....

Much has been said about Aamir Khan's recent apprehensions about the rising intolerance(?) in this country. I shan't add anything more to it except for the fact that people who enjoy celebrity status must think before they speak out on anything. It's not that the society follows them blindly but when they speak, the common man pauses and asks, "Why has he/she said so? Is there something more to it than meets the eye?"

And that's where there's an ample scope for mischief mongers to twist facts and interpretations, create confusion. Just let's take a fact check. Sakshi Maharaj, Yogi Adityanand and their ilk used to pass vituperative statements in the past too as these motor mouths have nothing else to say. They're ignored then. The government is ignoring them now, but 'intolerance' says its opponents. Why the double standards, I ask. It just doesn't add up.

Is the systematically orchestrated pantomime of intolerance raised to higher decibels to negate the Prime Minister's carefully nurtured investor friendly conditions prevalent within the country overtures during his foreign trips?

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Rahul Gandhi made a mess of himself during his interaction with the student audience - mostly young women - at the Mount Carmel College, Bangalore today. To my mind, he made the following gaffes:-

    (a) He's neither an orator nor a good communicator. An interaction of this nature is not his cup of
         tea. If his well wishers(?) had egged him on to do this, they've done a disservice to him.
    (b) He was on a continuous anti-Modi tirade. Negativity cannot sustain over long periods
          especially when he didn't have anything to substantiate his claims. Why doesn't he tell us
          about his vision for India? .......Does he have a vision at all?
    (c) The biggest mistake was that he questioned the wisdom of having 'Swachch Bharath'
          drive as a strategic programme. The simple, innocent children countered his argument.
          Many students - across the country - have come out openly that the drive can only be a
          success if it began from each household and have been teaching their elders a lesson or
          two regarding cleanliness! So, does it mean that cleanliness of the surroundings is not
          important for him?

Repeated gaffes and misplaced utterances can bring about nothing but ridicule and contempt.


What appalls me is that the breakdown of law and order in the prelude to the Dadri lynching - a serious lapse on the part of the UP government - is not even being discussed. Isn't security a state subject?

It's the day of the "Karthik Purnima". The oil lamps were lit all over, outside the house and it had an electrifying effect.

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