Saturday, November 21, 2015

Everyone wants to gang up.

The Bihar elections have triggered the political parties, sitting in the opposition benches in Parliament, to come together to fight Modi and cow him down. What makes them get into such desperate attempts to gang up?

Let me attempt a few answers:-

    (a) They know that Modi can deliver and if he were to be allowed to do that, they'd never get a
          chance to rule as they'd be rendered irrelevant.
    (b) The development that he plans to usher in will make the average Indian gravitate towards him,
          a situation that needs to be blocked at any cost, the national interests be damned.

So, what needs to be done? Stall Parliament to the extent feasible and do not allow any legislation. This is what the winter session of Parliament is headed for.

What a tragedy? Seeing the various political leaders hobnobbing with bitter enemies, during the swearing in of the Nitish Kumar government, made me laugh. Why're they so desperate?

I'm sure the people of India are watching the 'tamasha' and will voice their opinion at the appropriate time.  


Narendra Modi has the mandate to rule this country for five years. Give him a chance.  

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